The Centers
Trust Administration
Lien Resolution
MSA Services
Fiduciary Support Services
Public Benefits Compliance
Structured Settlements
Providing an Extensive Range of Professional Services
Specifically Designed to Meet the Needs of Attorneys and Their Clients
The Center for
Special Needs Trust Administration
The Center for
Lien Resolution
The Center for
Medicare Set-Aside
The Center for
Settlement Consultants
is a not-for-profit corporation that is exclusively focused
on the administration of
Special Needs Trusts with
the sole mission of providing comprehensive services to
the entire community of
people with disabilities.
is a nationally recognized
organization dedicated to
assisting in the resolution
of liens and reimbursement
rights asserted against
lawsuit recoveries.
is a nationally recognized
company that provides
services to help parties
who settle liability or
workers’ compensation claims
comply with the Medicare
Secondary Payer Act.
is a national provider of
structured settlement
consulting services for
attorneys and their clients
with the end goal of
optimizing the quality of life
for victims of catastrophic
accidents and injuries.

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